Local Reporter Inspires A Toy & Games Expedition

We are currently enjoying a splendidly dry and hot summer season.  This week anyway.  There are signs of life from local children who come out of tv and electronic game induced hibernation.  Toys are beginning to make their way out on to the quiet bit of road and I even saw some cricket stumps on the playing field.  One set of stumps – the other end of the crease was marked with a sweater – ah happy memories from my youth.    I was listening to some children excitedly telling a reporter on local tv that they’d seen So & So scoring two and two others being saved . . . .  but it took me a while to realise they were talking about hockey.  The children were animatedly telling said reporter about their favourite kick around games at home.  This really pleased me because they seemed to have recently rediscovered the joy of being outside playing together!  The reporter suggested they look for a local toy shop for other toys and group sport equipment.  They were already planning a visit to get stuff for the forthcoming summer holidays.  So fun fun fun in the sun just around the corner.

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