A Surfeit Of Dolly Mixtures In One House

There are lots of onmline stores offering every conceivable toy and game known to man kind.  This is pretty obvious from the sheer amont of advertising around Christmas time.   I often see these ads as just reminders of my happy days as a youngster.  Lots of aunts and uncles added to our bounty every year.  I remember when we lived in one particular house.  We were a ‘forces’ family so all our childhood history is noted in terms of which posting/which house.  This was one time when Dad was home posted for a short period and we were again lving all together with my grandmother in London.   All the aunts decided to buy my sisters and me a doll each – hilariously not discussing their plan with each other, or with our own parents.   Amazingly we each received five different dolls.  Imagine these days having 15 brand new dolls in one playroom!  Our mum and dad had bought us one each as well, but had made carry cots and bedding for them too.

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