Ah The Teenage Doll Makes A Really True Comeback

How amazing it is to see a president of the USA who has a wife young and vibrant enough to resemble the very best of the teenage doll era.  Yes, we do indeed have the Cindy of the First Lady world of glamour sitting in the white house as I speak.  This has not happened since the days of Jacqueline Kennedy – who was the most glamorous lady to grace US politics for many a year.  This was when I first noticed the arrival of the teenage doll – ones that had fantastically unreal long legs and could be dressed in wonderful wardrobes full of specially designed garments – which of course were on sale for completely rediculous prices!  But it was the sheer joy of being able to pretend we were these beautiful creatures and choosing those clothes was very much part of the deal.   How funny we should find ourselves with a real doll at the top.

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