Baby Hat Tale – Well Intentioned Mishap

It an be quite baffling when ‘bush telegraph’ messages go floating around regarding the next knitting or sewing project for one’s ladies’ group project etc.    For example there was a whole lot of activity to get little hats knitted for very premature babies at the local maternity hospital.  Very laudible with a red, amber and green theme.   Lots of ladies went off at a rate of knots, knitting like crazy in each colour.  No one actually asked the hospital however – apparently one of the ladies had seen a similar scheeme running in a hospital overseas – Australia or New Zealand, and of course thought it a good’n.  Sadly though, all these worthy ladies knitted lots and lots, only to find they were rejected by the local baby unit because they can’t be hot washed or sterilised; and no one would want to see their baby sporting a red hat – meaning on the very edge of life, before it’s even begun.  So the moral of this tale is – beware the good intentions that badly miss the mark!

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