Baby’s First Christmas Ignites Toytown Memories

Unless you have a baby join the family for christmas, you really cannot imagine the amount of fuss and organisation that goes into making sure you have everything for them.  We have such a being in our midst – in fact the little princess will be one year old soon and was old enough this christmas to know that she was being made a big fuss of and lapped it up.  She was by far the youngest in the room – the oldest was her great grand mothers, aged 95 and 85.  During a lull in the present opening – we all chatted happily about what fun we’d all had selecting our gifts for her.  So many happy memories seem to come back to us all of wonderful toy shops that held shelves laden with games, toys, roller skates, hoops, blackboards with chalk, the list was endless.  Took up most of the two hours of baby’s rest time.  Sheer Joy!

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