Beetling To Success On Activity Games

Ah the joy of playing an taking part in an organised Beetle Drive – the rules are  simple but where the name Drive comes into it is quite beyond me.  I have taken part only in a hilarious group activity, mostly seniors on missions to raise funds for this target or that.  A few rounds of ‘beetling’ with copious amounts of tea and cake thrown in, you can keep them happy for a days on end!

You would expect youngsters to need more stimulus than being asked to throw a dice and get the first 6 to start then a 1 to draw the head and a 2 for an eye, 5 for a leg etc. etc.  but at a birthday bash for an 11 year old, with lots of other pals, this was the hit of the day.  Although also true, the promises of a online browse session at the favourite toy store helped gain first base – and squeals of delight issued forth for days with this fab idea too!


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