Board Games Are Big On The Must-Have Lists

Games, puzzles and entertainment of every size shape and design.  That is the beauty of the simple idea of childrens’ toys.  It can and does cover the most vast array of products and testing out some has been an absolute joy over the years.  This last weekend I was staying away with friends and we met up with someone I’d not seen for 30 years or more.  Ofcourse, when we did meet there was the usual non stop catching up of what each has done, achieved, failed to do etc. etc.  But our overriding joy was spent on recalling the many games we’d played as a threesome.  The smaller toys that used to make their way in to our christmas stocking were great too.  Tubs of bubbles, small packs of black jacks and dice.  Card games like Old Maid, Keep The Donkey, Happy Families, and then the board games like scrabble, ludo, monopoly.  Ah memories!

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