Buying Those Dear Little Cherubs The Perfect Pressie

I have friends with small grandchildren and I sometimes get to meet these little sweetipops characters from time to time.  Of course, being pals with their grandmother or grandfather does have the ffect on covering our backs with awe enspiring adulation.   I prefer to buy all children their presents from a dedicated store and it is always a joyful morning when I do get there and start searching.  This week for example, I read that the lady who sells and maintains the oriental rugs in the area is going to be doing a demonstraton of how to easily care for a rug with unfortunate coloured patches and the other one is generally about caring for a wonderful set of kitchen pans.   The department in my local store may not hold as many complete articles, or the latest selection of a well known print, but they do hold a small museum elsewhere in the building.  It is possible to order just about anything but going round there and seeing their displays is by far the best idea if you’e going to be the aunti with that perfect pressing – the bumper lego set or the shopping trolley with real sweets!

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