Careful Product Placement Proves Utterly Enticing

I was helping at a historic house the other day there hadn’t been many folk through the house at this point, but there had been several families spotted parking up in the top car park.  Whilst they meandered around the magnificent gardens – contemplating the prospect of a nice cream and jam scone and pot of tea,  my colleagues and I organised our sales strategy.    We had our dressing up costumes ready for kiddies to try out being a footman or ladies maid for an hour.  We also had several toys for them to play with – all sorts of old fashioned tops, light ball games, skipping ropes, cat’s cradle, indoor croquet etc.  It just so happened that all of the items they were now happily playing with in the Long Ballroom were available to purchase in the gift shop next to the tea rooms.  Ha, amazing how strong a desire for old fashioned toys can be when reminded of them in situ!

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