Caring Sharing Tomboy In Pigtails Steals The Show

You’d be surprised how excited I can get given the job of buying a present for the newest member of our extended family – a little girl who will be two shortly.  I found the young baby stuff rather tedious –  as babies aren’t in the slightest bit interested in them until at least a year.  And then it’s more likely the carton and wrapping paper that causes them the most joy.  I checked out the tot’s toy stash on a recent visit.  There seemed to be everything imaginable.  I visited my local toy store which has been in business for over 60 years – and with good reason.  I explained the task, and within seconds, two very lovely ladies whisked me towards the ‘nurturing’ departent which included a wonderful choice of  dolls, all shapes, shades, sizes.  Fantastic.  I chose a soft bodied, ginger pig-tailed tom boy in tough dungarees with two changes of clothes.  An exact replica of the young recipient – a point much appreciated by the mother of said poppet!

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