Childhood Innocence In Old Fashioned Daytime TV

My how quickly children grow up these days!  This was brought home to me recently when I was happily watching a video clip when suddenly a seriously old blast from my past popped up.  We used to be enthralled in the late ’50s when tv was still in infancy, with day time programmes for children.  Our tastes and intellect being somewhat lower in those far off days.    The main viewing for our family was ‘watch with mother’ which had different characters throughout the week.   Monday was story time with a very prim voice reading from a picture book;  Tuesday was a strange little puppet called andy pandy, who had a friend called little ted if I remember rightly and their home was a massive wicker hamper in the nursery.  You can tell that these stories originated in the posher end of the story telling scene!    I can’t recall exactly what andy pandy did but no doubt a touch of innocent naughtiness was involved somewhere along the line.  Wednesday was the flowerpot men who were stood up against a wall and had a sunflower looking plant in the middle called little weeed . ..  no that’s not a mispelling, it was always pronounced weeeeeeed.  They were also always up to mischief and litle weeeeeed used to try and stop them before anyone found out.   Thursday was rag, tag & bobtail which I think from the rather grainy image on the video were rabbits, and I think the names give it away!  Again, they were always getting into scrapes.  Friday was my favourite.  The woodentops – a family of old fashioned peg type figures – the nuclear family of mum, dad, twin girl & boy and baby boy plus the dalmation dog, called . . . . wait for it . . . spotty!  Ah those innocent halcyon days, todays children wouldn’t put up with that nonsense nowadays.

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