Children Bring Their Own Special Magic At Holiday Time

I did go through a few years with no smasll kiddies to buy for, which in all honesty was rather good.  I was still working and busy with commuting and generally keeping myself entertained with social groups.  But seven years ago, my eldest neice produced a daughter of her own and then a couple of years later, a nephew delighted us with his new born son.   This is when the joy of christmas and easter festivities suddenly seemed to make more sense.  It does seem rather batty to be in a mixed bunch of now very aging adults buying ludicrously expensive and usually unwanted items – whereas there’s a simpler joy when there are kiddies around for these special celebrations.  The buying of elaborate gifts just to go through the motions always made me a little resentful as most of the time the recipient already had the very article I was foisting upn them!  But with children there are some fabulous toy shops and the unbridled joy when I’m down at the shopping development is to be seen is to be believed!

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