Christmas Bundles Of Joy Of A Different Kind

Whilst going through the endless lists of possible presents for grand-children in readiness for the Christmas onslaught, it became obvious how out of touch older folk are with what the modern generation of youngsters actually want for presents.   Years ago, when preparing for Christmas which meant buying for three girls, our mother, who was a working woman, would make a list of what toys each of us already had, and which were ‘on their last legs’, in other words, had served all three of of us at some time or other and were now past repair.

Mum and Dad would then go to the local toyshop armed with this very useful aide de memoire, and we always had the most wonderful seletion of gifts.  The toy shop was magical.  Walls lined floor to ceiling with one delight after another.  There were modelling kits, art sets, puzzles and joy of joys, dolls – hundreds of them!

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