Christmas Street Fair Triggers Toy & Game Revival

I was helping out at a street fair recently.   To inject some interest in the the locality, the town council has made a change to the annual Christmas lighting up ceremony.  This time we didn’t just hover round the lighting box and cheer at 4pm on the nominated Saturday – no, we now had a full day of street fair with Dickensian themed carol singers, charity stalls,  novelty gifts and old fashioned village games etc. etc.

My part in this innocent operation was to help with the historic old games, skittles, bar billiard, table crocquet sets which a couple of local village committees loaned us.  They were very successful – much money was raised from punters happy to have a go and really take part in this old fashioned enterprise.   This was an inspiration and many folk said they were going to look on line to see if they could get family versions of these favourite past times.  So, job done I say!

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