Competitive Games Foster Confident Children

There is a fine line between buying toys for a child who really does like board games and group competition and those who absolutely hate having to try and match or beat the others around the table.  I suspect the gradual rise in the snowflake nature of today’s upbringing means that no mother will want her little darling to be exposed to the danger of competitive battle in any circumstances, especially not in a group of peers!  The ability to stand up for themselves, on their own two feet without Mummy standing by in fiercely protective mode is something from the past.  I can’t imagine running home and grizzling about some of the scrapes my siser and I got into – my goodness me, Dad would have been on to us to give as good as we got and not to stand any nonense from anyone.  So with this stern training to help us fight our corner, no matter what, we also learned how to play hard and competitively.  It made for some exciting, boisterous but ultimately fairly fought Christmases but we grew to be confident and could argue a point when we felt it necessary.   That’s what a good team or board game teaches youngsters – how to take responsibility for their actions and to watch their team mates too.

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