Developing Toy Buying Strategy Wins The Day

Well who would have thought that one little baby girl in the family could cause such a massive buying frenzy amongst the very kind but overly doting old aunts!  The problem is that baby was born only a month after christmas – that seemed to strain all the older relatives, and now a birthday as well . . .   As I have mentioned so many times to all who don’t get out of the way fast enough, take an interest in the gifts presented to little princess thus far, note the ones said princess likes, and the ones that princess’s parents loathe, and then get browsing.  This childrens’ toy shop site is fantastic, it offers inspirational toys, model making kits, board games for the family,  sporty stuff for the older ones.   I scored massive Aunty points with a tea party learning toy –  as I’m famous for my love of a good strong builders’ brew!

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