Dolls & The Joy Of Nurturing For New Generations

It’s been a fantastic spring for toys and games down at our local toy store.  I could not believe it when I visited them a few weeks ago when I needed something for a six year old lass.  Of course, a few years ago I would have happily headed straight for the doll department with its huge array of models ranging in colour, size, height and age.  Then ther would be the dolls’ prams and pushchairs.   Subsequent prsents would then be obtained from the extensive dols clothes and accessory section.  When I was small, my sisters and I were all bought several dolls each one christmas.  It wass fantastic fun – a dispute has raged over the years as to whethr it was three or five each but we were certainly swimming in dolls and their paraphanalia.  Today there are still dolls about with sets of clothes – the lovely french word ‘layette’ doesn’t seem to feature quite as much but generally there is a choice.  Howev I do believe this is only available in the proper old fashioned toy shop – one that keeps that magic alive for a bit longer.

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