Easter Can Be Choc Fest With Extras

Grandparents are often left in a quandry these days – to buy the sugary, calorie laden Easter eggs, or to provide healthier gifts for their little poppets.  Most mums, wishing to look super efficient and health conscious, will veer away from the chocolate choices but in their hearts they know the level of disappointment laid bare on the morning if there aren’t six or seven whacking great cartons awaiting Little Jonny . . .   It’s such a problem – choc treats or sensible toys & games leading to grumpy grandchild.  If you ignore the chocolate route to all things happy, the day just becomes merged in with every other commercial exravaganza for the shops.  It isn’t any different to Christmas or the kiddie’s birthday.   I solve this with a small token egg together with a small toy or puzzle, something that has an Easter theme or some reminder of the point of the exercise.  A good toy shop site is the best place for inspiration and supplies.

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