Encouraging Children To Play Real Games Again

Hockey is such a great game for spectators – I am amazed and quite sad that it isn’t on tv more, except every four years with the Olympics.  It can encourage so many youngsters out to take part in a sport – but only as long as there are local clubs and willing volunteers able to keep it going.

This is where the good old fashioned toy shops, be it in the high street, or a fantastically stocked online outlet, can really help in the battle for the hearts and  minds of some younger folk.  I have neighbours whose children never set foot outside the sitting room or bedroom aart for getting to and from school.  Engaging these lost souls in the joy of a properly stocked toy shop is critical – the fun in looking at games, choosing ones to inspire and get those minds whirling.  A good browse online always gets them hooked and is never time wasted!

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