Enter Dolly Heaven For A Blast From The Past

Ah the wonders of christmas  –  I decided to look at dedicated toy shops for the younger members of my family.  I’d quite forgotten how exciting it can be for an older person who doesn’t normally get involved in the day to day issues of toys!   This year particularly I wanted to look at the choice of dolls – I have a great neice now and in this mad world of educational toys and electronic gizmos everywhere, I had an inclination to return to the simplicity of a doll with some changeable clothes.  I had a good look at some sites and found one that also has a shop attached – a real high street gem.  The welcome was outstanding and the range of products was eye wateringly vast.  I managed to avert my eyes from the whizz bang games, toys & puzzles and found the most wonderful selection of dollies and accessories.  Who knew there were so many!

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