Entertaining Children – They Are Such Fun

I live between two families – both have a boy and a girl.  One side they’re young adults, the other, young teens.  I’ve watched the latter developing since they were aged 4 and 1.   They used to be taken out every weekend and every school holiday to amusement parks, rugby, football, gymnastics, swimming, hockey – you name it, the parents found a group or team somewhere abouts.  It’s a truly awesome achievement when you think they both work outside the home in the week.   However since quarantine has stopped all that, the children round here have had to remain indoors for some time and  then when freedom slowly arrived, new excitement has come to their back garden play.  The last two weeks have seen three other kiddies joining – a case of child minding within their own bubbles.  The fun and games they’ve had in the heat has been wonderful to witness and hear.  Squeals of delight in the huge paddling pool, jigsaws completed and board games played at small patio tables under parasols has been magical – children say such hilarious things when they don’t realise they can be heard over the fence!

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