Family Memories Abound In The Toy Room

At the country house that I help out at regularly, there are rooms set out in various eras, so that the visitor isn’t faced with room after room set in say, the Victorian or Georgian period.  There is the library, which used to in very old days, be the guest bedroom, until it became unfashionable for them to be on the ground floor.  Then the room reverted to being a room most aptly suited to  ‘book reading, billiards and card games.  There are other games throughout the house, the last family member to own it only died in 1996 and lived her entire life in the house, never marrying or having children herself.  There are however many wonderful examples of the toys she and her younger sibling would have played with.  Early clockwork automatons, pedal cars, skipping ropes, croquet for indoors, and a fantastic dolls house – not within reach of our public visitor though. Rather too precious!

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