Father Time Of The Rural Toy Shop

Oh my goodness did I have some fun before Christmas when I was looking out for toys for one 9 year old, one 8 year old and a toddler soon to be 3.   If you don’t have the joy of young nieces and nephews then you miss out on a whole raft of presents you can get – the shopping and trying things out is the highlight of my Christmas calender.   I go to a particular toy shop – a seriously old fashioned sort of store.  They do not have any online prescence – just the generously proportioned shop premises in the top end of the high street of my local town.  The shop used to be manned by the son of the original owner – Old Jim was quite a character and his son . . . #wait for it . . . Young Jim, proved to be just as much so.  Always popular with parents – because he could describe absolutely the instructions for playing any gameor roy  in his truly vast shelf lined store.  If you went in unsure where to start, he’d come and gently ease out of you what the receipient is like and within moments  you’re looking at the best present your limited funds can buy.

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