Grandma’s Game Plan Avoids Teenage Meltdown

The February half term holidays are always a difficult time for parents in this family.  There has usually had o be some heavy negotiation over the coverage of the Christmas school holidays and then Easter is fast approaching too.  This is where Grandma comes into her own.  The children are early teens now, so in practice they should be easy to keep an eye on, nothing too energetic needed in the entertainment department etc. etc..   Hmmm, whoever wrote that chapter of the ‘surviving life with teenagers’ probably hadn’t ever tried their theory in practice.

The ideal solution for one grandma though was to get down to the toy store and invest ine a good quality board game with hundreds of questions and answers that were still very relevant;  a construction game/toy with somne add ons,  and strategy board games, the names frustration and scrabble featuring heavily.  100% successful all round as all age groups found something to entertain themselves – and no electronics!

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