Grandpa’s Tool Shed A Hideaway For Toys

The summer holidays are racing by, as they do every year.  But no sooner have the dropped the last p.e. bag on the hall floor then you’re yelling at them to find their kit in the pile of bedroom debris so you can mend and wash it all for next week!   If  you’ve been lucky enough to go away on holiday to a seaside resort, the will be the remnants of that also in the hallway.  That pink bucket with the wonky handle that leaves an imprint of a large crab on top of each ‘castle’.  The numerous beach toys – frisbees and swingball, with various bats and balls.  These are things they never seem to want when on a hot sunny holiday in Spain or Egypt.  Perhaps children don’t play beach games over there.  But thankfully, children play with all sorts when on the beach here and love looking out the for these items in the toy shops.   It’s one way for grandparents to keep that bit of magic alive for the children, by always having a ready stock of old fashioned toys and beach games at hand when they come round!

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