Great Toy Anniversaries Revive Christmas Spirit

As the Christmas period approaches, I do tend to go into a depression.  In fact it’s probably the only subject that causes me to.  I find the whole rushing around buying stuff for other people just tedious and anxiety raising.  I like to think gifts I hand over are actually what that person will like and enjoy using or eating, whatever.  I’ve never been one for just buying any old thing ad hoc.   My great neice, who is the only child I buy for now – if only everyone else was that age, where present buying is concerned!  This year we do have a couple of special anniveraries of note in the toy world – Barbie was 60 this year and Ruper the Bear turned 100 a couple of weeks ago!   I visited my local toy shop – a proper family firm, also celebrating more than 60 years in the town.  They have every conceivable toy and game available.  Apart from online stuff.  It’s such fun joining other parents and grandparents reminiscing about our own christmas joys and woes – a natural habit when surrounded by such wonders!

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