Guys & Dolls Can Give Nurturing Toys & Turn

Oh my goodness it can be a real challenge to try and find a really fun thing for a child’s birthday present.  How many times have we gone wandering around the local stores with absolutely no idea what to get and end up with a token or a book.  I have the ideal solution personally.  There is a wonderful toy and game store in my local town – in fact I think they’re now the longest surviving store around and it’s because the staff are truly passionate about the products they sell and the customers they are aiming at.  A child’s life needs toys and interesting games.  Full stop.  Every little individual will gain from the time spent playing, either alone or with others – maybe a grand parent or a neighbour, like me.  I love it when the little’ns around me want to show me what they’ve had for birthdays and Christmas.   It’s assumed these days that no one wants to buy into the doll or nurturing toy sector.  Maybe it does show a slightly sexist theme but there’s no problem with boys being bought them – I know so many modern dads who are genuinely hands on when baby first comes home and if it helps to hand over cuddly toys to soothe brows, all the better!

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