Hot Summer Brings Back Near Distant Memories

We’ve had the most wonderful summer so far this year.  Unbelievably hot.  Not something I ever expected to see in my life time.   Hotter than anything ever recorded – at least for the last million or so years.   When we last had such extremes, there were ’70s glamour rock stars and footballers with fancy cars and modern haircuts.  Oh, and specially tight trousers and jumpers, very strange.  These fashions can be tracd to exact periods in our social history.  You see a parka jacket and what later became fashionable as ‘doc martens’ bovver boots, and we are transported back to 1968 with riots and other bad behaviour.  The toys and dolls at that time reflected some of the shifting social norms too.  Barbie and her ‘boyfriend’ Ken.  Such a daft name but he did look uncannilly like a character with that name from a long running soap opera on tv.  I remember a baby bouncer ball with the pictures of the Monkees on.  Where are all these toys now?

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