How To Tell A Shark From A Croc . . . Don’t Ask Gran

I’m sure we all look at toys and play things in a different light.  One man’s tennis ball is another man’s favourite dog exerciser.  Whilst minding some family dogs recently, I realised that my stock of doggy toys had in fact become dodgy toys – bits chews off and squeakers missing.  With shops only just opening up again after lockdown, I was rather limited as to where to go looking for replacements.  So I took a stroll around the two toy shops that had braved the circumstances.  Success on a plate!  I came away from the second –  with two toy Winnie the Poohs in all their pale custard yellow glory and just as exciting,  I was able to replace the green toys with squeakers that have so enchanted a labrador and ‘corky’.  I had two of these for years and laughingly called them Sharky and George from a very old cartoon.  It was only recently that someone looked at them and said they were actually toy crocodiles – how many sharks are bright green, have very long tooth filled snouts and even longer swishy tails ?!

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