Jigsaw Technical Challenge Raises The Funds

We had a clarion call recently from one of our socially minded group of pals.  They were planning to do something sponsored in order to get funding for a special project.  The usual ideas were floated and gradually rejected.  Things were not going well at the planning meeting until one of us suggested doing a sponsored jigsaw marathon.  This weemed to appeal to everyone.  The idea was for each member to be sponsored for every hour of participation and also a bonus from some for completeing all the jigsaws on offer.  This did seem rather a fun idea but then the logistics came in to play.  Also, who had the best jigsaws . . .  were they all complete and did they all have the right pieces in each box.  Nothing more irritating than getting down to the last 10 or so pieces and discovering that something’s amiss.  The way to resolve some of these issues was to buy packs of jigsaws from our favourite toy and games store.  Always reliable and very rasonably priced!

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