Joy Of Seeing Kiddies Playing Outdoor Games

It’s been all go in my little cul de sac – lots of children seem to have moved into the area and at last, following months of enforced lockdown, they were beginning to get out and about.  Not only that but joyfully, from my point of view, actually interacting and playing out in the street.  It’s ok folks, not too dangerous here as we live in small enclaves of 3 houses in each leading down to the road.  Lots of running and chasing space between.  I can’t tell you how relieved I was when a bunch of  youngsters, and not all boys, started kicking a ball about.  There were also cricket bats and in the absence of proper stumps and bails, sweaters on the ground in front of the wicket keeper . . .  And to my even greater joy, one young mum brought out the chalk and drew a very neat and tidy hopscotch court and expertly demonstrated the basic rudiments.  It was wonderful for about 5 weeks, until they all had to go back to school and suddenly we were back to tidy pavements!  Ho hum.

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