Joy Of Watching Youngsters Enjoying Playtime

I have some lovely young neighbours – several families with kiddies live nearby and it is an absolute joy to hear them playing very happily, if a little noisily, out in our shared driveways.

It’s great too when a particularly close pair of friends come to my door and show me some of their special finds or tell me things they’ve done at school.  Years ago, my sister & I used to love going round to our old neighbour – she would hand out lemonade and buns – nothing sinister and we’d talk about anything and everything.  In fact, as a retired gmes mistress,  she encouraged us both to take up sport and team activities.  Sadly these days I don’t feel able to invite these kiddies in past the very obviously open front door but they confidently chat about all sorts of things – it’s wonderful to hear nicely spoken youngsters genuinely thrilled with life and everything they have!


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