Know Your Enemy When Playing Board Games

One of the greatest joys to be had when camping and caravanning wth growing children is the never ending requests for favourite board games – take them to a limited facility site with no tv and sparse wifi and you have their unbroken attention for hours at a time.    The best games come in small boxes that are easily stored and very little assembly is needed.  Games of chance are always good – they bring out the mercenary aspects of that usually lazy child.  When they have to place bets and make decisions on jumping this way or that . . . .  One game I played recently, with all adults involved having to make our way across an imaginary gorge on stones – upon a throw of the die, we move our ‘man’ ….  The purpose was to get across the gorge, buying the odd landing stone as we went and then knowing when to turn back to get back to base before our supplies of oxygen expire . . .  it shows the selfish and self centred players amongst the group!

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