Local Toy Shop Embraces Choices Online Too

I love going in to our local toy shop.  It has become very famous and extremely well respected because it turns out they were the very first reatailer in the UK and possibly the world, to buy and stock a brand new product – little danish plastic bricks for building models.  It’s incredible to think they have been at the forefront of everything toy and model shaped for so many years.  Although there are probably cheaper places to get basic toys, these outlets never have a wide choice of anything – you just get the one of any type of toy.  This particular toy emporium will hold five or six different types, designs, variations.  They allow ordering online and collection from their store and the family are so well loved that the townsfolk greatly support the store.  This also helps the little craft shop next door but one and the small cafe opposite.  All hands to the selling deck as it were.

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