Messing About In Boats – As Every Child Should

I have just spent a wonderful week with three grandchildren.  The age range is not vast, 11, 13 and 15 – so very manageable and as they are siblings, each respects the others’ likes and dislikes as much as their own.  So faced with uncertain and inclement weather, we studied the forecasts and planned our week according to the liklihood of a soaking here and there.   The first day was a great success – we were all invited to a relative’s birthday bash at a local sailing club, where the clubhouse had been set aside for our use.  The kids were thrilled when one of the committee members kindly took them all out in their little rescue boat – he took 11 parties out, one after another, giving them a little talk on the club history and then all about the diverse wildlife to be seen from the boats.


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