Modern Versions Of Favourite Toys Retain Their Thrill

I take a particular women’s magazine and have done so since it’s inception back in the 1990s.  It has the usual mix of high street fashion – mostly shown on yong women who are much younger than the average audience and of course, this can be a source of annoyance.  They do however show lots of articles about family life and occasionally have a whole four or five page spread on how to keep the children occupied in the holidays and what the best toys are going to be when Christmas comes round.  Now these wouldn’t usually interest me but there is now a toddler in my extended family group – one for whom buying pressies has become an absolute joy and pleasure.  I do love looking out for updated versions of my most favourite toys and reading the specifications is quite an eye opening business.   The toys themselves are still around and they seem to be as much loved today as in my day.  Good old Barbie, she’s over 60 now and doesn’t have a single wrinkle!

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