Moving On From Cowboys & Fairy Outfits

I was leafing through a couple of 1950’s newspapers recently, together with a much prized copy of a magazine for women from a similar era.  Apart from everything being in very plain black and white, or now sepia and black . . .  the adverts were so different.  The items suggested for a child aged eight or nine to receive for Christmas were very familiar – dolls with very cute sets of clothes and from one very noteable store, the wardrobe and dressing table to hold these treasures also.  For the discerning  young man there were footballs, mechanical construction sets and dressing up outfits – cowboy, policeman, pilot, doctor or sailor.  It was very obvious that there were no doctor or pilot uniforms in the girls’ outfits, just nurses and fairies.  How things have changed.  However, once I discovered the brilliant online site geared up for busy little beings, my gift buying  has become so much easier to manage – for every age group.  I like being able to view lots of items and then simply click and they arrive in a couple of days.  No hassle and certainly no parking worries.

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