Oh The Joy To Be Had In A Proper Toy Shop

A recent need to find exactly the right kind of presents for a set of grand children who live abroad required a trip to a specialist toy and game supplier.  When items have to be wrapped, labelled and then packed securely for posting, there is a greater need for vigilence in the size and weight of the gifts.   That is the major drawback not selecting from a shop.

The beauty of a well stocked toy shop cannot be over emphasised.  Rows of wonderfully symetrical jigsaw boxes – whole series of them lining a wall, with the suggested age of recipient clearly marked for all to see.  Next to these are the building and construction kits – all types still there from beginners up to the most well known metallic one.  After that are the board games – hundreds and hundreds to choose from.  Oh and the dolls houses and accessories.  It was the most wonderful morning – heaven sent!

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