Old Fashioned Entertainment Back In Force

I receive all sorts of magazines in the post.  Some I have signed up for and look forward to with relish.  Others have been sent as part of another subscription and vary in quality and sustainability.  I can’t bear receiving lots of bumph – nothing is more annoying that opening a much awaited mag, only t have to wade through pages of begging letters and appeals.  It takes the fun out of receiving anything by post now.   Sometimes thre’s a flyer for a decent toy or educatioal game and that’s when my interest is roused.  The childreen I buy for are all growing up pretty fast.  Gone are the days of being able to send a small jigsaw or card game with money for presents.  Things have moved on and they are pretty sophisticated.  But since we’ve entered lockdown 3 for some weeks now, there has been a discernable shift back to old fashioned vaklues for toys and entertainments.  The shops have been shut but outlets exist online where the old fashioned toys have made a healthy come back and that’s fantastic.

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