Old Fashioned Toy Shop Provides Perfection

I recently had the dubious joy of joining my in-law family at a birthday & mothering sunday celebration – one of a few that we manage to observe and enjoy as one group.  This one was for a one year old’s birthday – ordinarily I would think whether I had the patience, and stamina needed, to attend such a bash, but this little chap has had a bit of a battle to be where he is.  Surviving well from a sudden and dramatic early birth at 32 weeks, he had a poor start to feeding which was  only rectified with a well known heartburn emulsion.  Bingo, the problem with not being able to swallow disappeared overnight.  Such was the joy at these improvements, we went on mass to the best toyshop for miles – and had a fantastic fun filled day choosing the right kind of gifts for the birthday boy.   All the age appropriate toys were viewed and road tested, the more complicated ones returned to shelf and away we came with a perfect selection.

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