Phone Videos Of Baby Making A Daily Event

For those of us who don’t have babies and children around us all the time, the arrival of a newbie into a family fold can be very exciting.    There are a whole raft of events requiring some toy and game purchases by the doting grandparents and extended family members.  Online sources are fantastic for this vital supply.  I was out with some really good pals recently – they are thrilled to bits with their only grandchild – a little boy.  They buy no end of toys and little baby books for him.  Their daughter in law kindly sends videos of him every other day – little moving snapshots to keep the in the loop.  Of course,  we pals of the grandparents can enjoy that very special excitement as if he was a grandson of ours. Technology is so amazing and it keeps everyone in touch so much more effctively than a letter and a box camera!

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