Retro Rummage Discovers Toys Of Distinction

One of the most joyous mornings was spent recently in a retro store in a very smart and busy northern town.  I’ve never been in anything quite as fantastic.  There was so much stock from decades back – everything from toys, books, clothes, gadge, crockery etc.  In fact, anything and everything we used to have as everyday objects in the home.  The toys were especially wonderful to look at;  my companion and I spent a very happy hour or two reminiscing.   It was like travelling through time with a certain Doctor and we found the ver popular shape sorter that tupperware brought out and every mother had to have for their children.   We bought a couple of things – easily transportable.  A tube of pick up stix; two family card games;  an old style snakes and ladders complete with original tumbler and dice.  This brought us back to thinking about Christmas approachig and so plans were made for another sorti to look out for really good quality toys for grandchildren – of all ages.  There are some fabulous online toy outlets now and nothing need be out of reach these days.

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