Role Play Can Involve Rough & Tumble

There’s nothing like a period of enforced family time to really get to grips with entertaining each other.  With youngsters having to take their schooling via online lessons in the mornings, it has been wonderfully quiet in my neck of the woods.  Come 2pm however, there’s often a burst of noisy activity as the neighbouring children are let out into the sunshine.    The parents here are affluent and by nature have a great respect for the current lockdown regulations.    They have been researching good play equipment for their children – stuff that will last a few years and offers a great variety in scope for abiity and entertainment.  A mini assult course plus car tyre swing and agilty beam has recently joined the trampolene and pogo sticks.  This seems to keep their minds from the perpetual state of argument, and that is also a fantastic thing!  Their mum is a science lab technician – the time she spends sorting out little experiment games for her children is admirable too – much discussion can be heard through the fence when evidently they’re following on from the online lessons of the morning!

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