Running Family Toyshop – Not Quite Child’s Play

I have recently attended a family gathering – the sort we regularly enjoyed pre pandemic.  It’s taken a couple of years since lifting of restrictions for us to fall back into the happy relaxed circles of old.   But we are there now.  I mention this as the party included the next generation for the main family who were celebrating.  Grandchildren shyly wrapping themselvs around Grandma’s skirts and only showing any smidgon of confidence after the food, some hours after arriving.   But they did bring a selection of toys, games and entertainment with them.  Looking at the excitement on the faces of the other guests, these were very welcome and much playful discussion ensued about who used to have this game or that.  The subject of toy shops came up and although the huge out of town mega stores are popular for cheapness and availability, no one scored them  highly for service, product knowledge or imagination.  Everybody had high praise for their own favourite high street toy stores and this was truly heart warming.  I have access to a store that is still very much family owned and operated.  In fact they are the mainstay of our High Street – now that two previous holders of that reputation closed up and left us all bereft!

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