Selecting The Right Toy For The Season

Oak apple time.  That’s what I think of when october and November come around.  I’m not sure what started this theme in my head, being away from apples for a few weeks may have done it.  We used to go apple bobbing at our family bonfire evening.  We always had fireworks which Dad bought from Woolworths, or they didn’t look up to much, he would supplement from the local toy shop.   We were allowed to put in requests, Dad would always come back with a bumper selection.   Mum would do her bit and prepare hot soup followed by jacket potatoes.  Oh those hot hot bundles of joy!   The toy shop was a truly wonderous place to visit.  Just the smell of them evokes memories.  We have a particularly good one where I live and it has won several awards for promoting play and goodwill amongst players.  I don’t think I have ever gone in there and not found exactly the right gift or game that I went in for.

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