Teaching The Art Of Losing Gracefully

There are only so many things you can do with children when the entire globe is in lockdown.  The schools are shut and all entertainment venues necessarily so, as are all restaurants and parks.  For the first few days it was just like having a splendid extra holiday, but it then becomes tiresome.  So what to do with the children ?  The obvious thing is to log on and get some learning organised – most schools have now got that in hand so Mum and Dad just need to sort out the fun side of life.  Lots of families are now dicovering the absolute joy of playing board games together.  These can be subtley instructive – helping younger members learn to take turns and not to moan if they don’t win.  It’s a hard lesson to learn and if parents always ‘lose’ so the chil wins, it gives them  very false sense of achievement and greatness which comes crashing down when playing in other company!

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