The Teenage Doll Comes Back At Great Premium

There has been much fuss about barbie reaching pensionable age recently.  This seems unbelievable as she was around when I was a child and I am so young still !  Jesting.  When we were small, dolls were very much the go to toy for grandparents and older relatives to buy.  There was this assumption that all young ladies would grow up to get married and have children of their own, so a doll was an essential item toward that goal.  I definitely used to play with my dolls for hours, in fact my sister and I would make up all sorts of scenarios with clutch of 10 dolls between us.  Admittedly we didn’t have many barbie or teenage dolls of the skinny model variety.  Ours were all very definitely ‘baby’ dolls requiring matinee jackets, bottees and bonnets.  We did have one semi teenage specimen but she was an import from the continent and her hair did not like being combed or fiddled with.  Great clumps of yellow nylon came out and we were distaught!  The barbie models of today fetch an astronomical amount of money – well worth her weight in gold!

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