The Terries Over Disposables Dilemma Rages On

There has been much discussion in womens’ magazines and the daily press about the problem of disposable paper and plastic nappies is causing to the planet.  This sort of thing was never considered at all it would seem way back in the earliest days of such luxury.  I well remember how difficult it was to deal with terry towelling nappies when I had no washing machine.  We lived in an upper maisonnette with a share of the garden washing line.  I remember the lidded bucket of nappy sanitiser and constant exchange of nappies going in and out.  There were flimsy liners to stop the solids from settling.  Disposables were available but prohibitively expensive.  I may have saved the planet slightly more but the liners,  chemicals and water useage probably offset that – and we had no thoughts of the damage our babies were causing their planet.  It’s a constant dilemma for some parents today.

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