Time For Summer Toys To Get Loved Up Feeling

It is so easy to think of toys as only being needed at Christmas.  This is pretty daft really but generally, most folk do only associate toy buying with that mega shopping time of the year.   There are one or two really fantastic independent toy shops around and these are so brilliant for providing stimulating, inspiring ideas for all ages, not just children.

The summer months do offer a greater scope for getting the right gift for anyone.  Be it frisbees for the beach, kick about balls, football sized or rugby.  Then there are the hoola hoops for all ages and abilities.  Not forgetting the wonder of rolling skates.  The ones from my early years were horrendous – metal wheels with no rubber, no shock absorbing.  Just plain metal with leather straps.  They worked but nowhere near as well as today’s hi tec ones.  h how I love it when a birthday comes round needing toys.

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