Tiny Tots Playtime Workout With Mum

Whilst I was pounding away at mmy local ladies’ boutique gym the other day, a couple of young mums entered, intent on getting fit and just enjoying themselves.  They had in tow, their two tiny tots – Together with bag loads of entertainment for them.  I was very pleased to note that neither was just left in the pushchair with an electronic minding device – they both had proper toys – building bricks and other construction, manual labour toys!  Whilst we mums and grandmas were doing our ciruit around the vast array of leg and arm punishers, they were happily engaged in their own work.  I noted that both watched us all for long moments at a time.  Both were exceedingly well behaved too – the mums themselves were bubbly and really happy – this was very evident in their offspring too.  The choice of toys was so pleasing.  Real toys that needed imagination and physical movement to use them.  Not unlike the gym!

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